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Leverage your metrics to drive customer engagement, retention and conversion

What We Do
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The conventional, tactical approach of many agencies no longer meets the needs of their clients.

A true digital partner needs to go beyond surface deliverables (i.e. website design, digital marketing campaigns, etc.) and have the ability to integrate/analyze data, assess system infrastructure and re-engineer back office operations in order to truly understand what affects the overall business and customer experience.

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Business Consulting Service


Utilizing a multi-faceted approach, we develop data-driven strategies to successfully achieve your company’s objectives.

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From data capture, integration and analysis, we can help you leverage your data to influence business decisions and predict future outcomes.

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ADA Consulting Service


Does your website meet ADA compliance standards? Our consultants use various tools and assistive technologies to ensure there are no barriers to users with disabilities.

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Digital Marketing Service

Digital Marketing

Do you need to grow your email subscriber list or increase online sales and conversions? Let our team help you reach your marketing goals.

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Performance Optimization Service


Are your internal systems or website experiencing a decline in performance? Our consultants can address short-term issues and develop a plan to address long-term sustainability.

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Search Engine Service


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Development Service


Our in-house team of developers have architected and developed robust systems and web/mobile applications for a wide range of businesses.

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小草破解版app Consulting

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Managed Hosting and Security Service

Managed Hosting & Security

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  • Conversion rate diagram
    e-commerce Consulting


    Every e‑commerce business should track, monitor and understand conversion rates for its website. Upspring can help define conversion rate benchmarks across various digital marketing channels, customer demographic sectors, device usage and product categories.

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  • profile of customers
    Data & Analytics


    It’s not enough just to know who your customers are.

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  • Braille Keyboard


    A website or mobile app must NOT present any barriers to users with disabilities.

    Federal agencies and those who sell to or receive federal funding must be ADA compliant. This includes government agencies, public higher education, public K-12 schools and certain nonprofit organizations and financial institutions.

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Located on Bishop Street in the heart of downtown Honolulu, Upspring has worked with businesses of all sizes, across many different industries since our doors opened in 2008.

Pizza Hut Hawaii
Kamehameha Schools
HPM Building Supply
Rehab Hospital of the Pacific
University of Hawaii System of Schools
Pacific Guardian Life
Merrie Monarch Festival
Aloha United Way
Alan Wong's Restaurants
KTA Super Stores
Grove Farm
Civil Beat Hawaii
Hawaii Food and Wine Festival
Pulama Lanai
L and L Hawaii
Love's Bakery

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